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Hi, I’m Justin. I’m a freelance photographer based in coastal Maine, working throughout the Northeast on editorial and commercial projects, outdoor/adventure lifestyle shoots, and brand storytelling for small businesses.  I especially love working with artisans, oyster farmers/sustainable aquaculture outfits, outdoor brands, and small, family-run hospitality businesses.

At the center of all my work throughout Maine and the Northeast is a sincere respect for the region’s culture of exploration and adventure. The way I approach my travels and adventures is the same way I approach my shoots and professional relationships with clients: check the ego, listen deeply, and go where the story takes me. My photographic style is all about intimacy and storytelling—finding quiet moments, evocative details, and meaningful narratives hiding in plain sight. 

A bit more about me: I grew up in southern New Hampshire and went to college in Washington, DC, where I studied religion and classics.  At the time I thought I wanted to be a professor, but ultimately, I think just really liked old books and tweed blazers.  Oh well. 

I lived in Boston after I graduated and worked some kinda sorta lame desk jobs.  I got bored sitting all day and decided to go to culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu and cut my teeth in the industry at restaurants throughout Boston and Cambridge. Eventually I moved to Maine and worked in Portland's culinary and hospitality industry for several years in various roles ranging from cook to gourmet sales to wine buyer.

Something unexpected started happening: Maine's woods, waters, mountains, and quiet places started bringing back countless memories of my childhood filled with camping and outdoor escapades.  After all those years in cities I had just sort of forgotten about that part of my life.  Being in Maine was like someone came along and switched on a lightbulb for all those memories and I was hooked.  Learning about, exploring, and experiencing everything Maine had to offer filled my free time and helped point me back towards important themes in my life I didn’t even realize I had missed out on for so long.  It also quickly became entangled with my love for photography and somewhere along the way I found my artistic voice and creative eye. 

Nowadays, my life (and work!) is dedicated to telling stories, capturing moments, and partnering with local businesses and brands—and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  If you’d like to follow along on my adventures and projects, click here. Interested in working together or looking for some examples of my creative services? Say hello at or take a look at the Freelance section of my website. 

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