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Justin Smulski is a freelance photographer based along the southern coast of Maine, working and traveling throughout the Northeast. He grew up in New Hampshire before going to college at George Washington University in Washington, DC. He thought he wanted to be a professor but apparently just really liked tweed jackets.  Womp womp.


After working a few super lame desk jobs, he went to culinary school in Cambridge, Massachusetts and cut his teeth at restaurants in Boston and Portland. Justin has been a full-time freelance creative since 2020 when he left the culinary industry, though that orientation towards hospitality is a steady constant in his life and work. 


His photographic portfolio is based largely around outdoor adventure, editorial/documentary work, brand storytelling, aquaculture, and interiors.  He also writes articles on New England tourism and some of Maine’s most far-flung destinations. If he doesn’t return your email immediately, he’s probably cooking up an absurd meal in the backcountry or finding a way to stash a few more bottles of wine in a canoe. You can follow along on his adventures here.

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